Caribbean Alliance Insurance ABSCA 30 Overs Division I Championship Player of the Week - Alwyn Colbourne of FDICIC Strictly Business scored 35 runs (2 fours, 1 six), 6 Overs 1 maiden 31 runs 6 wickets

Caribbean Alliance Insurance ABSCA 30 Overs Division II Championship Player of the Week - Patrick Cox of Kenneth A Gomez & Sons Island Boys, 6 Overs 1 maiden 9 runs 5 wickets

Caribbean Alliance Insurance ABSCA 25 Overs Championship Female Player of the Week - Candis Butler of Brysons Shipping & Insurance Bullets scored 77 runs (6 fours, 1 Six), 5 Overs 14 runs 1 wicket



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The Antigua and Barbuda Softball Cricket Association (ABSCA) aim to provide a friendly yet competitive atmosphere for hundreds of players where these players can come together under the umbrella of  ABSCA and compete at the highest level.

The Executive of the Antigua & Barbuda Softball Cricket Association takes this opportunity to wish all its Clubs/Teams/Members/Supporters & Sponsors a blessed and productive 2013.

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