President's Remarks

 Dear Cricketing Public

On behalf of the Executive members of the Antigua and Barbuda Softball Cricket Association, Thank You for your co-operation in 2008. To Platinum sponsor  Caribbean Alliance Insurance Co. Ltd. and St. John’s Co-operative Credit Union Thank You. Although 2008 was a challenging year for us as a new executive, as we enforced rules that were in the constitution and the rules and regulations of the ABSCA many were displeased. For some of the executive members it was their first year and as a team it was this body first year.

Our goal was to set a high standard as an executive where a level of professionalism might be seen in our approach to take softball cricket to another level. In which we have seen two new initiatives taken place within our first year of office, one being monetary prizes were given at the Annual Awards and Price Giving Ceremony and two this our very own web site. The members of the executive have a drive to see softball cricket which they love reach heights never imagined by the pioneers or even by players who would enjoy playing the sport today. To the Pioneers of the ABSCA, we want to say congratulation for the grand initiative that was taken thirty plus years ago.

Now we have reached another era, an era where unlike the past where people use to play the sport for the passion they have for it. That love or passion no longer dwell in the hearts of majority. Hence it is time for re-evaluation, a time for change, a time where a more professional approach needs to be adopted. It is our duty to ensure that the sport live on and leave a strong foundation that will foster growth and development for softball cricket in Antigua and Barbuda.

Though small in stature we have been calling ourselves ‘Antigua and Barbuda Softball Cricket Association’ but it's time we adopt an approach where we can include Barbuda as a focal part of our yearly plans. It is with this that we reach out for your continual support throughout 2009 so we can strategize a plan that will include our sister island in the year 2009 and beyond. 

Let me remind or inform our viewers that the ten individuals selected to be a part of this executive are not been paid and have other obligations. Hence to the potential millions that may view this site your contribution and suggestions would be of a tremendous benefit to further development of the Sport.

In 2008, we launched the ABSCA 2020 Competition, the Mid Week Lime and the Whit Monday 5 Alive Competition. This year we are looking at another initiative, the Caribbean Alliance Insurance Co. Ltd. and St. John’s Co-operative Credit Union All Stars weekend as one of the high points to this years plans.

On behalf of the President and the rest of the executive body, thanks again for your cooperation in 2008. All the best for 2009 as we continue to carry on the true spirit of the game. May the best team win. Let the Games begin!

Leroy John-Baptiste




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