Good job guys!!!

Date: 02/21/2009 | By: Islandboy365 USA

I am very happy for this website. I was always trying to find out about softball cricket in Antigua. You guys have made my day and my hat goes off to everyone who have work on putting this website together.

Re: Good job guys!!!

Date: 02/21/2009 | By: Dr. Rich

Well am happy that some in the USA loves the web site. Do hope that this can be an informative avenue for you.


Date: 02/18/2009 | By: Goody

we are moving on the right track to make softball blossom.


Date: 02/18/2009 | By: cristian zuluaga

all is too much important, should you are stongs .go to head

manizales- colombia


Date: 02/16/2009 | By: Melinda

I think this site is a great initiative for softball cricket in Antigua and Barbuda. So far it's great, and i am sure this would be an excellent way to advertise and communicate with the public since we are in a world of advanced technolgy. Thumbs up to all the hardworking persons responsible for this website. Good job!


Date: 02/16/2009 | By: JaVaun

Don't really know much about this association but from what i have seen it seems to be moving forward. Keep up the good work.


Date: 02/16/2009 | By: Honey

I am happy to see that the ABSCA is moving forward in advertising,cause this will make others know more about this organization.


Date: 02/16/2009 | By: Sabrina

Great start and a step up for the ABSCA in advertising , showing the fun it brings for adults young adults and young ppl in Antigua and Barbuda and hope it will adjust and bring lots more to move the organization forward, nuff love and all the best for the site .


Date: 02/12/2009 | By: Natty

A sure sign that softball cricket is moving forward


Date: 02/05/2009 | By: Jmoul

This website is very good and timely in these day of the E-boom. I hope that all will contribute to this website and the ABSCA.

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