ABSCA Pre-Season Tournament Update

01/31/2013 00:33

We had one game tonight which was the first schedule match. The second game did not play due to the fact that rangers could not field the minimum of seven players. In the opening encounter East Siders won the toss and elected to bat.  Buckley’s 3J’s only had nine players hence could only bowl nine overs. East Siders scored was 64 for 5 and the rule of 36 runs per over that was not bowled because of the missing bowler was applied.  As a result Buckley’s 3J’s had to make 101 in 10 over but in reply they made 50 for 8 in 9.2 overs.  The top scorer in the match was Kirk Douglas of East Siders who made 29 runs.

The ABSCA Pre-Season Tournament continues tomorrow night at Dredgers at 6:00pm with Island Boys vs Bethesda Prodigals and 300 vs Bullets. Island Boys lineup includes Terrence Hernandez, Steve Simon, Leslie Dunnah. Bethesda Prodicals will boost players like Kenny Thomas and Kennedy Tongue. In the second game 300 lineup features Zach Thomas and Dorian Grant while Bullets have former National Softball Cricket player Clarence Francis and former ABSCA Cricketer of the Year Morrison Browne.

Come out in your numbers and enjoy ABSCA Pre-season Tournament. 10 Overs and 10 Bowlers!