Congratulation to Old Road Cricket Teams

03/04/2009 09:37

On behalf of the executive of the Antigua & Barbuda Softball Cricket Association we would like to congratulate the Old Road male and female teams on winning the ABSCA 10 Overs Classic. With the best softball cricket fans, the village of Old Road must be proud of its athletes. It was a fine performance by both the male and female teams. Last year both team went to the finals of this competition and came up short but this year they had a mission and both completed that mission.  It was two well fought finals as both All Stars and Bryson's Bullets female just came up short. 

Congratulation to Daphne Morris for averaging 103 runs in the ABSCA 10 Overs Classic, she batted 4 innings and was only dismissed once against the clippers. In the four innings she batted she made 38*, 21*, 27 and 17*. What a fine tournament for Daphne Morris of Old Road. 

A special congratulation to the male team for winning their first championship against the elite teams.  They have been trying for couple years now and have just been coming up short. Again congratulation Old Road.