06/11/2009 09:14

Brysons Shipping & Insurance Bullets has emerged as champions of the St John's Co-operative Credit Union Ltd 25 Overs league 2009.  Bullets confirmed their championship with a convincing win against Old Road on May 31st 2009.  The Bullets ladies had a comphrehensive season going a perfect 10 - 0, hardly been challenged in any of their games.  So far it has been a very productive year for the Bullets ladies, having placed second (2nd) in the 10 over classic earlier in the year and now capturing the grand prize of the year, The St John's Co-Operative Credit Union Championship.

The only questioned left to be answered, is whether the ladies of Bullets can continue their dominance in the 20/20 league.  Based on their performance to date it seems extremely likely that their will be right there at the end, but as we know it, your performance on the day will dicate the results achieved and I can only believe that there are a few clubs out there wanting a bite at Bullets.  Good luck to all and once again Congratulations to the Brysons Shipping & Insurance Bullets Female Cricket Team for Capturing the St John's Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd 25 Overs league 2009.