05/29/2009 15:15

At the ABSCA Executive Meeting on Tuesday 26th May 2009 the following items were highlighted:

    -    A report was received from Mr Thomas Fontaine, an umpire, who was schedule to carry the game between Heritage Sports Cracker Jack and Dean Jonas Potters at Potters Play Field on Sunday 24th May 2009.  The Umpire reports that a player, during the match struck him with a stump after been given out via the lbw route.  The umpire also reported that as a result of the strike recieved, his cellular phone was damaged along with a feeling of discomfort to his body.  The Executive view this report as extremely serious and damaging and has forwarded the report to the Disciplinary Committee for an extensive investigation and forwarding of their recommendations as soon as possible.  The Executive has further advised the said player that he will not be allowed to play any further matches until the matter is concluded.   

    -    The Executive has decided to delay the playing of the Semi Finals & Finals of the Caribbean Alliance Insurance 30 over league 2009.  The Semi Finals are schedule for June 14, 2009 (venues TBA) and the final is scheduled for June 21st, 2009 at Dredgers Play FieldA bingo with jackpot prizes totally EC$3500.00 has also been scheduled for the day of the finals.  The 20/20 league will continue to be played as per schedule.

    -    St John's Co-operative Credit Union Player of the Week (May 17 2009)    -    Sacha Michael - Quality Boat Works Enforcers-                                                                                                                       38 runs not out / 3.4 overs 10 runs 2 wickets 

    -    St John's Co-operative Credit Union Player of the Week (May 24 2009)    -    Georgette Lawrence - Old Road --                                                                                                                       58 runs not out / 5 overs 31 runs 2 wickets                                                                                     

    -    20/20 Player of the Week-male (May 17 2009)                                      -    Devon Thomas - Lion Hill--7 runs / 3 overs 10 runs 6 wickets

    -    20/20 Player of the Week-male (May 24 2009)                                      -    Terrence Thompson - Bryson's Bullets-4 overs 8 runs 6 wicket