Female MVP and Player of the year

02/04/2009 12:48

Sacha Michael of Quality Boat Works Enforcers won MVP honors for the St. John's Co-operative Credit Union 20 Overs Competition, ABSCA 10 Overs Competition and also went on to capture the female player of the year award. She won the female player of the year award ahead of nominees such as Nolia Elvin of Heritage Sports Targets, Troyline Payne of Bryson’s Shipping & Insurance Bullets and fellow teammates Christine Mills, Sharon Francis and Gaynell O’Garro.

Sacha Michael in 15 innings made a total of 351 runs and took 11 wickets in at total of 53 overs with 6 catches to her name. She won St. John's Co-operative Credit Union female player in week one with  62 runs not out, 2 catches and 1 wicket for 9 runs.


Topic: Female MVP and Player of the year

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