March Pass & Opening Ceremony 2012

03/03/2012 06:52

ABSCA held its annual March Pass & Opening Ceremony on Sunday February 26th 2012.  Nineteen (19) male and Fourteen (14) female teams assembled at the country pond in all their splendor and colours, carrying their banners displaying their sponsors name and logo with much pride.  The March Pass moved off from country pond at approximately 2:30pm led by the Police Drum Core, with the cricketers marching to their inspirational beat. 

The March Pass proceeded north unto Independence Drive, turned right unto Sir Sydney Walling Highway, right into the East Bus Station and onwards to the Dredgers Playing Field.  The newly elected President of ABSCA, Ms Verenique Benta, Minister of Sports, Sen Winston Williams, and guest speaker Mr Zoral Barthley, CEO of PIC Insurance Company addressed the teams, all encouraging them to have fun, respect themselves, respect each other, respect the umpires and support the sponsors that support them.

Trophies and awards were distributed for the top performers of the 2011 Softball Season.  Mrs Gaynell O'Garro, of Quality Boat Works Enforcers, was crowned Female Player of the Year 2011, while Mr Isiah Viville, of Sen Dr Errol Cort Rangers was crowned Male Player of the Year 2011.

The 2012 Softball Cricket season is schedule to bowl off on Sunday 4th March 2012, with the ABSCA 10 overs League.