Can Quality Boat Works Enforcers make it back to back in the CARIBBEAN ALLIANCE ABSCA 10 OVERS CHAMPIONSHIP?

02/24/2013 20:53


In the female 2013 CARIBBEAN ALLIANCE INSURANCE ABSCA 10 OVERS COMPETITION Quality Boat Works Enforcers will be looking to hold onto their title. They were very dominant in the just concluded ABSCA Pre-Season Tournament and once that form continues the other eleven female teams that will be trying to dethrone them will have their hands full.  Antigua Sails Female Flyers has the talent and the motivation to do so but players like captain Terez Parker, fast bowler Sherma Jackson and hard hitting Makada Samuel must dig deep to achieve that goal. But it will be a tough task especially with the inclusion of Gale Lee in an already talented Quality Boat Works Enforcers lineup. Other notable players are former national players Sacha Michael, Christine Mills, Sharon Francis and Gaynell Ogarro who is also back to back player of the year.

After dominating the league for so long Heritage Sports Targets has gone two years without winning a championship. Has the aging Targets championship run come to an end or can they rebound and have a good season this year after two years of drought? It’s time for them to rally behind their former national players Nolia Hodge-Elvin (former player of the year), Esther George, and Brontella Isaac. Another top team to look out for that I need to mention is Bryson’s Shipping and Insurance Bullets they seems to play their best cricket when their backs are against the wall. This is another talented team with players such as former national players Troyline Payne (player of the year), Jocelyn Benjamin and Cheryl Williams. Other noteworthy players are Menalva Michael, Candis Butler, Francine Hector, Mauricia Willette and Janice Browne. This team seems to lack motivation and once motivated can be a handful for any team.

Cool & Smooth Police are coming off a good season last year where they won both the St. John’s Co-operative Credit Union ABSCA 25 Overs Championship and the imobile T20 Classic in the second division. Their lineup includes talented Jenisen Richards, Lisa Marcellin, Mary Davis, Diana Hector and former national player Shantell Edwards. This unit is well coached and should not be underestimated. For years I have watched the talented FDICIC Strictly Business female team wondering why they haven’t been an elite team in female softball cricket. They are full with talent such as Pendah Thomas (former national player), Lorraine James, Rosemarie Davis, Lisa Edwards and Stacey Telemaque. Even with the addition of one of the top female bowlers Simone Aspinall last year they were my pick to compete for all the championship last year. However they were very disappointing as they were demoted to the second division in both competitions. This year the team has added another quality bowler to their lineup the former Old Road captain Debra Phillip. This addition should help the team to regain a spot in the first division next season but can Phillip help them win the 2013 CARIBBEAN ALLIANCE INSURANCE ABSCA 10 OVERS COMPETITION. Come out to Dredgers, Powells, PMS and AGS to watch some good female softball cricket starting today Sunday 24th February.