06/03/2009 09:23

Highlights from the meeting of the  Executive of the Antigua & Barbuda Softball Cricket Association on Wednesday 3rd June 2009.

    -    The report from the disciplinary committee into the player who struck the umpire was discussed and the following was decided.

            -    Mr Donald Tonge of the Dean Jonas Potters Cricket Team has been suspended from all softball cricket activities organized and/or sanctionedby the Antigua & Barbuda Softball Cricket Association.  Mr Tonge's suspension is in effect immediately until the year 2011 (inclusive).  Mr Tonge will be eligible for play from the year 2012.  The Executive is deeply concerned about the events which transpired on the  field of play and urges all its members to employ some level of restrain and control in their behavioural pattern. 

    -    Player of the Week -    St John's Co-Operative Credit Union 25 Over league 2009 - Troyline Payne 40 runs / 5 overs 16 runs 4 wickets

    -    Caribbean Alliance Insurance 30 Overs Leage 2009 Semi-finals  

                                                                                                       Venue              Umpires                                    Date 

            Brysons Shipping & Insurance Bullets    vs    Lionhill        Dredge Bay        Andy Andrew & Joseph St Rose    June 14 2009

            Primis Corp Antigua Ltd Hatton Starz    vs    All Stars     Golden Grove     Javid Goodwin & Glenroy Parillon   June 14 2009

            Match Commissioners    -    Dredge Bay       -    David Thomas

                                                        Golden Grove    -    Eldora Sylvester

The Harney Motors Five-A-Live Competition which was halted due to the rain on June1st 2009 will be continued on June 21st 2009, immediately after the Caribbean Alliance Insurance 30 Over Final.

The 10 Over Day/Night Festival is schedule to bowl off on June 30th 2009.  Registration has been revised to EC$600 per team with a Grand Prize of EC$2500 for the winner and EC$1000 for the second place team.  The Competition will take a round robin format with each games playing in the evening on week days and also during the day on Sundays.  Registration forms can be collected from any membe of the Executive or downloaded from the association's website.  Deadline for Registration is June 23rd 2009.

A bingo will be held on June 21st 2009 immediately after the Caribbean Alliance Insurance 30 Overs Final and the completion of the Harney Motors Five-A-Live Competition.  The Jackpot prize is EC$2500 with four (4) consolation prizes of EC$250.  Bingo Tickets are EC$5 and can be had from any team from the association.